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Embark the solution of your needs with Microsoft Teams

Collaboration: achieve more together

Communicate and collaborate in one place with Microsoft Teams.

Work together from anywhere and at any time
Share and edit content in real-time with our collaboration tools.

Microsoft Teams


Tabbed Interface

Real-time coauthoring

See changes as they happen Work together on the same file in real time within Teams with automatic sync and version history tracking.

Microsoft Teams Connect

Collaborate with people inside and outside your organization, across organizational boundaries as one extended team Communicate with anyone inside and outside your organization with chats, or use shared channel to create a shared workspace across teams or companies—all without needing to switch tenants. Channel members can chat, meet, share and co-author files, and work together for seamless collaboration.

Instant Translation

Translate messages with a click Seamlessly communicate in 35 languages with inline translation in chat and channels.

Teams Channels

Organize your team for seamless collaboration Create dedicated spaces for group communication and collaboration to share ideas, make decisions, and get work done. Create open team channels, make it private for select members only, or use shared channels to work with external contacts. Quickly access conversations and content that's shared and saved in a channel, and reference pinned posts with important information.


Loop Portable components to think, plan, and create together in Teams chat. Send a Loop component, bulleted list, table or an action item in a chat today.

Choose Your Device!

Yes, you read it right. You can choose your own device to create your Microsoft Teams Room. Click the brands you want to integrate with your dedicated room!

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