Effori Prospero Solusi, as Logitech ELITE PARTNER in Indonesia, has solutions for all room types and every meeting scenarios.

Conference Cameras

Logitech Rally Plus
solutions logitech rally mini
Logitech Rally Bar Mini
Microsoft logitech solutions logitech rally bar
Logitech Rally Bar
Microsoft solutions logitech logitech rally bar huddle
Logitech Rally Bar Huddle
solutions logitech logitech rally camera
Logitech Rally Camera
solutions logitech logitech meetup
Logitech Meetup
solutions logitech group
Logitech Group
logitech solutions bcc950
Logitech BCC950
logitech connect solutions
Logitech Connect
logitech sight solutions
Logitech Sight
logitech ptz pro 2 solutions
Logitech PTZ Pro 2

Video Conferencing Accesories

logitech tap
Logitech Tap
logitech tap scheduler
Logitech Tap Scheduler
logitech tap ip
Logitech Tap Ip
logitech roommate
Logitech Roommate
logitech scribe
Logitech Scribe
logitech rally mic pod
Logitech Rally Mic Pod

Personal Webcams

logitech brio gallery
Logitech Brio
logitech brio 505
Logitech Brio 505
logitech brio 305
Logitech Brio 305

Audio Conferencing Headsets

logitech zone vibe wireless
Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless
logitech true wireless earbuds
Logitech Zone True Wireless
logitech wireless
Logitech Zone Wireless
logitech wired earbuds
Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds
logitech zone wired
Logitech Zone Wired
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